Illustration Friday - Fragile

Its been a while since I've done Illustration Friday.  This week's word is Fragile.  So I went with a combination of a fragile egg and fragile peace.  I was mostly interested in playing around with style and composition in this one.  It bothers me a little that the man looks like he's throwing the egg too high but I don't care that much.  I was mostly interested in having the main focus of the picture (the eggs), both the center of the composition and the area with the highest constrast.  For they style I've been looking to old illustrators such as Marilyn Conover 


image test


Global Game Jam 2014

 I just spent this past weekend at the Global Game Jam.  For 48 hours we teamed up and made video games.  Check out the website to learn more.   

For my part, I teamed up with some good friends and created the artwork for one game that we "finished", one game that never got finished and one game that never got started.  All in all, it was a great time.    

The one game we "finished" is called "Bird Drop".  Its a 4 person multi-player game where you play a bird that picks up candy and drops it on other birds.  Below are a few of the animations I made for the game. 

 The bird flying

 The bird trying to pick up candy with its feet. 

The bird getting hit by candy 

 The bird diving to get more candy. 

I also made a few images for another bird game called "Bird Tails" where you play a bird that tries to pluch the feathers out of the other birds.


 I also made a background scene for a game about monkeys.  For this one I used my wacom tablet to create a more painterly style that he was looking for.  

I also made a could quick animations of a Prairie Dog for another game that didn't quite get finished.  


2013 sketchbook - reflections

for my first 4 days of my new sketchbook I tried 4 different takes on the view out my living room window. I'm expirmenting with pen and a few shades using markers.  


2012 Sketchbook

Last year for christmas I recieved a "sketch a day" sketchbook.  I soon ran out of ideas to sketch so I started practicing faces.   along the way I decided to sketch all the presidents, one a day for 44 days.   Here is the final image, with all 44 presidents.  and below is a sample page of the sketch book.  All of the sketches were done very quickly and could be improved but it was a good exercise to keep me drawing.  Its also fun to look back through the book and see all the other stuff I did throughout the year.  


and here is a sample page from the book.  

as of January 1st I have started my second book.  I will try to post a few pages as I go along.