Illustration Friday: Home

Its been a while since I've done anything for illustration friday. This one is called "home" because home is where to the TV glows.


funkley barn raising

a few pictures from last weekend's construction of the pole barn in Funkley.   I tried taking all the photos from the same location but I missed a few times.  



New Series

I've been working on a new series lately.  This one is has a little more pop in the color and focuses on local iconic signs.  Here's a collage of the most recent.  


Cinematic screens  

Here are the first two screens that will tell the story during our game Fireman Run.  They will be a lot larger and somewhat animated in the game.  But here is a sneak peak.  


Illustration Friday - Fragile

Its been a while since I've done Illustration Friday.  This week's word is Fragile.  So I went with a combination of a fragile egg and fragile peace.  I was mostly interested in playing around with style and composition in this one.  It bothers me a little that the man looks like he's throwing the egg too high but I don't care that much.  I was mostly interested in having the main focus of the picture (the eggs), both the center of the composition and the area with the highest constrast.  For they style I've been looking to old illustrators such as Marilyn Conover